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Why What You Think You Know About SEO Is Probably All Wrong

We all know that SEO is an ever changing art and science combined with a bit of luck and a lot of perseverance.

This is why a quality SEO company like CY Digital keep up to speed with what is new and what needs to be considered in order to fulfil client requirements.

So what ever happened to the old Page Rank signal that you could use to see how authoritative your site was?

I have seen as well as many others that the page rank algorithm has all but stalled for 2 years or more.

The fact that no site seems to have gone up or down shows that as a signal it is less useful than we tend to believe.

A better way to test your domain authority might be to use the Mozilla SEO tool and see how you fair.

In rough terms this is how the score will equate to the old page rank score.

Moz Domain Authority: 15-20 (Small power, ≈ PR1 or PR2)
Moz Domain Authority: DA 20-30 (Medium power, ≈ PR2 or PR3)
Moz Domain Authority: DA 30+ (Large power, ≈ PR3 or PR4+)

With that said, is page rank useless?

Well yes and no, as having a quality page rank can mean that many still value your site for quality, the truth is though that in SEO terms the signal has for sure become a little more blurred of recent. Will it ever return to be a factor of highest importance, this we are waiting to see.

The likelihood is that more signals from social, mobile, speed and other areas will make up a general non published ranking that will stop people having an ability to play a system and allows the search engines the ability to move and adapt to the changing landscape of browsers, technology and user desire.