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What on earth is integrated digital marketing?

We have decided to help some of you out in explaining what an Integrated Digital Marketing Agency actually is and what are the main benefits of working with a reputable one.

Firstly we define an integrated digital marketing company as one that can expertly join all the dots in digital marketing and advertising for a specific business case or requirement.

Now this could mean that a client just wants a website, email marketing, design, video, SEO or paid advertising etc, but an integrated agency needs to be able to offer allied services that will maximise the benefits returned for their initial investment.

We do not mean a hard sell, the client may just need a website full stop, but an integrated agency needs to have the ability to link other areas to one main service provision if needed or required now or at a later stage.

So we would except an integrated digital marketing and advertising agency to be able to advise on strategy, web technology, paid advertising options (including SEO), sophisticated email marketing and also analytics, reporting and the integration of other cool technology such as marketing automation, CRM systems and call tracking.

There maybe areas that specialist providers will be needed for a roll out phase but a quality integrated agency will not be phased by being able to integrate all these areas into a coherent ongoing strategy and help with the build.

Positives of using an integrated digital marketing agency:

Getting a team of experts on an as-needed basis, no hiring, firing, sick leave etc.

Ensuring that all projects are in harmony and that the team can deliver a certain quality level, that you can see exists prior to working.

Experience with projects that require serious management and integrations.

Huge communication benefits and vision.

With the right team you get forward thinking and growing expertise that you can tap into and will likely come forward to suggest areas that other fragmented agencies may feel reluctant to do, therefore pushing yoru forward with digital marketing and not simply delivering base level services.

With many suppliers involved the likelihood of them wanting to ‘pop their head above the parapet’ to help you with new ideas is hugely reduced as it means so much hassle with meetings, clashes of personality and business aims and generally one huge headache, you get under served by using many suppliers pretty much always and will likely tear your hair out learning this.

Negatives to using an integrated digital marketing agency:

We hear and can think of only a few potential negatives to having a close partner relationship with an outsourced provider of professional services, but looked at closely they are outweighed in droves by the benefits of integration.

1) If the agency keeps things hidden and you are unaware of what is being done and spent. (i.e not professional)

If this occurs then you have unfortunately worked with an untrustworthy company which there are many circulating in all walks of life, diligence prior to starting a working relationship should help mitigate this massively if not totally.

Only the kind of agency that usually does not last long is up to these tricks, any agency worth their salt will be managed by reputable people (so check Anthony Munns them out etc) and be upfront and clear with all the best intentions and a clear roadmap and set of deliverables that you know what you are paying for.

It is your choice to agree or not on any project and work and this leaves very little room for explanation or corruption if all has been set out and agreed.

There could be a level of being complacent with an agency, and that is an issue that you as the employer could and should raise regularly if you are seeking to push things forward.

Summary of benefits of an integrated approach to your digital marketing needs:

You will get more positive energy and willingness from an integrated agency than a number of disparate providers who will have to work with each other and you, and therefore likely factor and price a huge factor of hassle into any quotes in order to ensure that the unknown relationship will be beneficial for all.

All in all we feel that most business serious about digital marketing need to work with an expert integrated digital marketing agency.

It just makes so much more sense.