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Is Google Really To Blame For Your Traffic Drop

Here at CY digital we run SEO campaigns for a wide variety of clients in Cyprus, the UK and globally.

In a nutshell we are successful with all our clients and they are happy with our service, but like anything organic, things shift form time to time, some explained by actions of others (Google update for instance) others are put down to anomalies.

But too many of us in the SEO sphere are quick to call Google updates as the sole reason a drop in traffic has been noted for a client, but is this always the case?

A Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird did it sir!

Ah the famed ‘biggie’ updates of the Google algorithm that seem to be bandied about left, right and centre as if someone has found the secrets of Narnia, Atlantis or just a practical update that Google applies routinely to get rid of low quality results and freshen up our beloved web sphere.

So why so dismissive of updates?

If you read any of my own writing on SEO I am far from ever trying to complicate the industry like many others do to justify there service.

I like to simplify and then elaborate so people (Laymen like most) can grasp some of the basic building blocks of a search engines job, then start thinking about the world of search engine optimization in the right light.

My simplified process of a potential client contacting a company as they are the right fit (or buying a product)

Search: Using Google the ‘client’ searches basically for ‘window cleaners in Paphos’.

Traffic: A number of companies appear on page one and a few catch the client eyes so he tries three websites to assess suitability.

Relevance: He is actually wanting to ensure his new offices are cleaned and they are 10 stories high, seeing one website state they specialise in tall office window cleaning helps the client make a quick decision to contact this company over the others due to relevance so he will definitely contact this company for a quote.

Communication/usability: The imaging, text, navigation and fact it works great on mobile all helped the client feel like this company were more professional, maybe they cost more but would provide a better service based on appearances of there world wide shop window on the web.

Conversion: The website the client decides to get a quote from also does another ting right. They have an easy to find contact buttons so a visitor can easily make contact in seconds and ask for a chat or quote.

If your competition are in any way going to catch you up in search results when you dominated for ages and knock you off the top spot, as much as a Google algorithm change my guess would be that your competition have started to nail the above areas in a better or similar way as you are doing, and they have been justly rewarded by Google based more on the core algorithm that Google use rather than an update per se.

Search engine basics:

1) I must provide the most relevant and high quality results to your search term
2) I must be aware of new content that may be more relevant to potentially replace existing results
3) I will look at many different contextual areas per page and website to provide a score which will affect what I show to searchers

So as you can see if you have an old post that got lots of traffic and you look top level at your statistics then you may not realise that the blog post that was shared on another high traffic site, or getting great SEO results for a variety of reason no longer is delivering this traffic.

You may also find that your competition have simply caught up with their own SEO.

This is one of the big reasons why SEO and quality content marketing, social media sharing and communication must continue even when you are happy with results is that you can soon lose out and it may not be fair to blame Google who after all are just ‘trying to do good’, supposedly!