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What exactly is content marketing

Here at CY digital we have been delivering and enthusing about content marketing before the term even became part of the digital marketing vocabulary.

In our early days as a leading digital agency back in the UK we were one of the first to be brought into huge PLC’s to consult on huge investments in email marketing which is also known as marketing automation.

A more sophisticated way of staying in contact with new leads and engaging with them in order to educate and hopefully sell your services.

In essence all business need content in order to communicate clearly to people online why they should choose your service or product over another.

Let us take an example of two types of businesses.

One B2B – selling water saving technology to the oil sector.

One B2C – selling building services to trade and private clients.

So what is content marketing? and why is an SEO agency and promotion so vital.

Well firstly let us dissect how people use the internet when thinking of buying or investing in a service or product.

In early stages of buying someone will be pretty top level and start searching for a term and location or a term and another signifies.

e.g: An engineer for oil and gas installations needing to find ways to save money on his plant equipment may type ‘water saving mechanical seals’ in order to find mechanical seals that will fit his budget and specification.

A home-owner who has had water damage may type external rendering company in Yorkshire in order to find a supplier to fix a wall that is leaking.

Now one of the first things any website owner will need is to know what terms people are typing for services or product you need.

This keyword research will inform you on what SEO techniques to use to gain the right traffic, but firstly if you are not found you lose out on these early stage searches.

Another way to gain this traffic would have been paid advertising for Google or Bing or other search engines where your advert will appear when people search for certain terms.

Trust and expertise:

So now we have been found (assuming we have implemented SEO or paid advertising methods), we need to start to educate the client on why they should choose you (or make them laugh for valuable shares).

This is where content marketing cyprus is useful and will help people digest information in a preferred manner.

Examples of content marketing include:

  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Podcasts
  • E-books
  • Video
  • Infographics

The key is to work out your audience, what they need (a laugh or info about your company or product) and what you are then prepared to provide, your budget and then prepare to promote.


So once you have defined an audience, created some quality content, you then need to think about promotion.

This can be with paid ads (adwords, twitter, linkedin, youtube etc), SEO (ideal if you are already getting results) social media, or email marketing.

Either way you will be seeking to gain trust, followers, shares and a general positive sentiment about you and yoru brand with the content you crate.

This is a nutshell is the pay back for giving something useful or funny.

The question really is what do you want to do to give back in return for a little love and attention?