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The power of video is huge, here at CY Digital we have been delivering video production, video animation and video SEO for clients all over the world who testify to the benefit they have gained from working with our expert team.

Video Advert - Aphrodite's Rock Brewery

Our recent video for Aphrodite's Rock Brewery in, Tsada, Paphos, has been an amazing success with over 1000 + views in the first week or two of launch. The video highlights all the main reasons to visit the brewery and restaurant, and showcases the fantastic ambience making it a must visit.

Video Animation - London's AURA Consulting

AURA Consulting are a leading team of financial transformation consultants based in London. Their value proposition and general business model is highly complex and so they needed a professional animated video to soften and explain their services to people within businesses they were seeking to help transform. The result. A complete success.

Video has the power to stimulate auditory and visual areas of our brain and the science behind this shows that when both are engaged we retain 68% of the information compared to only 10% if auditory is the only sense engaged in communication. Our video production and marketing options are world class and we have a range of analytical options also that will help you learn more about your new 24/7 sales tool.

Video Production and Marketing - Jonney Boo Hairdressers and Beauty

Jonney Boo are already considered one of the Best Hairdressers in Paphos but that's not all they offer so they were seeking to make the most out of digital marketing to communicate all the other quality services available. With our help we re-branded them, crating a new logo and statements, with a new colour scheme and then created a distinguished and ultra modern responsive website with an added high-quality video advert showing all the services that are also available at Jonney Boo Premier Lounge which is far from just hairdressing.

Of course here at CY Digital not only can we produce you the finest videos in Cyprus we also use proprietary technology that will allow you to learn more about the video and engagement that is made from visitors, when they stop watching, when they pause, and we can also include an email capture option to the video, all in all when you work with us on your video marketing you get the most advanced and feature rich video marketing options on the planet.

Our world class team of video animators, 3D artist, video producers and directors have worked with leading Cypriot, UK and global clients and have over 30+ years combined experience in video production and video marketing in the video production marketing sector, we deliver video like no other agency in Cyprus and want to open up a conversation on how we can hep you communicate better using this medium.


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Videos Produced

We provide a World Class video production service that will provide you with a fantastic way of communicating your brand message more effectively and helping increase sales 24/7!

Animated Explainers

Our team of animators deliver world class videos that are easy to digest as they tell the story of your service or product in a manner human beings love to watch.

Traditional Video

If you are seeking a video advert we will help you with ideas, scripting, locations and the shooting and editing, we can then help you promote it your videos in various ways.

Analytics / Promotion

Having a great video is all well and good but if you do not get eyeballs to see it you have just wasted your time, money and effort, we never let our clients waste their new video sales tools.

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