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SEO or Search Engine Optimization in Cyprus is a vital area of digital marketing and when done right will enable you to gain relevant traffic related to your business or service increasing the chance of sales and brand awareness.
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Put simply our SEO (search engine optimization) service from our offices here in Cyprus are world class, please take a look around our website and learn more about who we work and our views on this crucial part of your marketing mix.

Our totally 'white hat', ethical and high quality search engine optimization service here in Cyprus includes professional On-Page Optimization of key pages, SEO reporting that will show how your site is gaining in traffic and results for chosen terms, ethical and useful Link Building from the production of high quality content that quality related sites link to via blogging and social outreach/relationship building.

Organic Content SEO

In SEO content is king, and this is a good thing, long gone are the days of spammy low quality SEO techniques to gain quick wins, you now need to invest in your online presence and as a direct result of creating quality content and having a strategy to syndicate this content to others, you will gain the SEO benefits that all businesses desire. We fully welcome Google pushing poor sites down the page results as it means out clients win and visitors get served better results (don't forget you are a searcher for services/products too).

On-page SEO

One of the most under looked and totally misunderstood areas of SEO is getting your key pages optimized correctly for search terms you are seeking results for. We do this for all pages you are seeking results from and work in a very systematic way with a process that is sure to get results and ensure your site makes total sense to the likes of Google/Bing and Yahoo. You will be able to see the progress we make and what we are doing to each page as we optimize your site for search success

Link Building

Link building is not understood properly in modern SEO terms. We do not build poor quality links in the old fashioned way (we never did this) from link farms, low quality directories and other spammy irrelevant techniques.

We ensure that you are gaining links back from sites that make sense and that they are linking back because you have delivered an asset or article of quality that is worthy of this all important trust attribute that is still a vital key ranking factor for search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is a fundamental part of a successful digital marketing mix.

Our SEO techniques and processes will help you gain high-ranking search results. Our aim is page one for terms that we work on and aim for. Our contracts will ensure that we will work towards these clearly defined goals until we achieve what we set out to do in realistic terms.

We always provide a full SEO keyword rankings report, as well as a full link building profile report that includes you indexed page information. Our professional search team will work closely with you and deliver the SEO needed for your website to be seen by as many relevant people as possible.

SEO is an investment in your business and your companies communication online, not only will we help you gain more traffic, it will be more relevant and the content you provide will be appreciated more meaning your conversions will increase.

So let's get one thing clear, traffic from SEO means less until you have a clear conversion strategy - here at CY Digital we don't just deliver SEO and content marketing services we take the time to learn how people use your website and engage with your company online, so we can just as easily be involved in a whole new page design with additional functionality that will engage you the benefits most from the traffic you are gaining from online marketing.


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SEO Keyword Research / Strategy

A vital SEO decision to be made early on is, what are your target keywords? We use advanced SEO tools to highlight areas that will help you gain more business. Our initial work will be performed by our expert data analyst team and will ensure you are informed of where we could or should aim for, we will of course take into account your own deep knowledge of your industry and work with you closely.

SEO Activity reports

Our monthly reports we generate will help you see what gains you have got and how our work is altering your websites visibility online. We will use this data to work with you and internally to ensure that the targets we set are focused and constantly informed so we can optimise all the way.

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