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A typical web/digital marketing agency will often focus on selling technology. Here at CY Digital Marketing we do things differently. We learn about your business needs and goals before we start to talk technology, or anything else. This is our most valuable differentiating factor born out of years of experience. We offer so much value that we need a period of communication so we can all be sure of the most effective approach to service options.

An initial Digital Consultation is totally free from CY Digital. Here we will aim to define where you are currently in terms of marketing, communication and advertising. Where you are heading, and what areas should be prioritised and the options you should be looking at in terms of a digital strategy, asset creation and tools for communication. We have 10 + years experience in digital marketing consulting and have a process-driven way of gaining a strategic document that will help you work out your agenda, see where your business goals can be aligned to your vision and ensure that your value is communicated at all levels and within your budget.

Digital Marketing Consultants

Digital Marketing Consultancy is a truly valuable option for those companies who are not looking to outsource all their marketing as they have a capable in-house marketing team or partners in place already. Our service can help provide in-house teams with training and development and a vision and working strategy document to guide your business and teams. Of course we also offer the support of a full-service digital marketing agency to boot!

Always on trend

We value continual learning here at CY Digital, and all our staff are encouraged to spend at least 5 hours of paid work per week simply learning new ideas and techniques so we can better serve our clients. This is a fundamental area that is encouraged from the top down. You really do get more than you pay for when you work with CY Digital. We are not seen as leaders in the sector with the results to back it for nothing.

Cyprus Digital Consultancy and Strategy

Many of our clients have small or non-existent general marketing departments, while others are capable of working tightly with us here at CY Digital with some available resources. This can allow us to offer our services on a retainer type model that fits in with individual needs and means you get valuable experts on tap to help you, minus the huge and scary cost and hassle of recruitment, on-going salaries and specialist training and other areas that take time, money and resources. Our model just makes so much more sense.

One agency for all your needs: The amount of services we offer here at CY Digital means that over time we will be able to introduce or suggest areas that may help you save money, increase sales or generally help your brand communicate more effectively. This could be via new technology, partner relationships with advertisers or a marketing strategy that incorporates a mix of service provisions that would be difficult to organise with a multiple agency approach.

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